Discipline In Special Education

Discipline in special education is a complicated topic. Join the team as they unpack:
- Discipline in Special Education Fundamentals
- Manifestation Determination Reviews
- What to Look Out For
- Interrogating a Minor & Parent Rights

Remote Learning Plans vs IEPs: Learn What Others Won't Tell You

Get the latest on federal rights; how to compare your RLP and your IEP, and, best practices for advocating for appropriate special education!

Are Your IEP Goals Working?

Don't be fooled! Many people are misled with data. Understanding IEP goals, the data, and how to analyze progress is necessary to providing a child an appropriate education.

In this workshop we cover:

- Steps to breaking down IEP goals and data to see if a child is truly making progress on their IEP goal(s);
- How to chart data to determine if a child is making progress on their IEP goals; and
- How to monitor progress on IEP goals as a parent.

New Rules: Special Education During & After Covid-19

Learn about the updates to special education law during the pandemic and distance learning. Attendees will better understand the key information they’ll need to advocate for their child:

For more information, check out our Parent Impact & Concerns Statement (Sample Letter).

Independent Educational Evaluations In Special Education: Must-Knows in 2020

Here's the description: At Breaking Autism, we believe #KnowledgeIsPower. Learn about Independent Educational Evaluations (or IEEs) in Special Education in this Exclusive Interview!

You can find more about the IDEA here and on our Resources Page.

Exactly How to Write Parent Input for IEP Meetings & Why it is Critical for Student Success During & After COVID-19

Learn about drafting the most effective Parental Input statements for Individualized Education Plan (or IEP) meetings, during and after Covid-19 and school closures. Understand the key information you need about special education rights!

Get more resources on IEPs and Parental Input on our Resources Page!

Special Education Rights & Resources During COVID-19

Are you concerned about your child's special education during school shutdowns and stay-in-place orders? Do you have questions about make-up minutes, compensatory education, evaluations, and extended school year? Learn about your rights and best next steps with excellent resources to help you along the way!

For more information, check out our Parent Impact & Concerns Statement (Sample Letter) and our other Special Education during & after Covid-19 Resources.

Parents' Rights to Meaningful Participation in Special Education (2020)

Parents have every right to be an informed and meaningful participant in all meetings on the identification, evaluation, and placement of their child. In fact, by law, parents play an equal role to District team members. In fact, did you know courts affirm that “parents surely know the student the best, regardless of any expertise”! (L.H. v. Hamilton)

For more information, check out our Parents' Rights to Meaningful Participation blog.

View Our Infographic Here

How to Monitor Progress on IEP Goals Workshop

Learn about special education best practices and fundamentals during this Special Education seminar! Walk away with an understanding of how to monitor progress on IEP goals and not be intimidated by looking at data in a meaningful way as a parent and professional.

To dive in deeper, check out our How to Monitor Press on IEP Goals presentation slides.

Eligibility: How do you know if your child needs special education?

Do you think your child might be eligible for special education? Do you have concerns about your child's progress? Learn about special education rights and eligibility, including how to get a child properly evaluated for special education.

For more information and Special Education Advocacy videos, subscribe and check out our YouTube Channel.

Special Education: Understanding RTI, 504 Plans & IEPs (2020)

Are you concerned about your child's education or progress? Are you confused about the differences in Response to Intervention (RtI), Section 504 Plan, and Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Learn how about the continuum of educational interventions and options available to students to help identify what is most appropriate for your child. This video is jammed packed with information.

How to Draft Measurable & Meaningful IEP Goals (2020)

What every Parent & Professional MUST know about writing IEP goals! Understanding the importance of an Independent Education Plan (or IEP) as a legal document is a crucial piece of knowledge needed to advocate for children with disabilities in the IEP process. Be sure to take notes and reach out with questions.

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Chicago Parent  Magazine

Planning Your IEPs During COVID

by Dawn Reiss

It takes hard work to get a good IEP, even before the pandemic. Now, many students are vulnerable to regressing instead of making progress with their IEPs. “If that first IEP isn’t good, if it isn’t appropriate and doesn’t cover all the services a child needs and it’s not measurable, it grows into this tumbleweed that just gets bigger and bigger,” Judy Ruffulo says. “If that first IEP isn’t good, if it isn’t appropriate and doesn’t cover all the services a child needs and it’s not measurable, it grows into this tumbleweed that just gets bigger and bigger,” Ruffulo says.

Chicago Parent Magazine highlights key insights and perspectives, including from the Breaking Autism Team.

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Special Needs Student’s
Education on Hold During Legal Battle

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12-Year-Old Boy With Special
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