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Gain insights and direction, at your pace and resource level, through our comprehensive services. At Breaking Autism, we empower people with the special education answers and advocacy they need, including assessments, educational rights, educational planning, IEPs, goals, development, progress monitoring, and placement determination (including extended school year options). We know there's a lot of complexity in the special education world. We're here to help simplify the journey while enriching lives.

We're here to support you. With a range of available special education services, we become an invaluable member of your child's development team.

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We walk through any questions you have and prepare you for the most important times in special education decision-making. Consultancy engagements are typically shorter and more financially resourceful; most times, Consultations can be prepaid for the time you want to allocate, so there are no financial surprises while you still gain the information you need. Whether you have a few sporadic questions or need a regular sounding board made up of special education experts, our Consultation options offer the flexibility and financial advantages you need!

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Consultation options include:
1. Ask an Advocate: Remote, flexible consultation with a professional and experienced special education advocate. Together with an advocate, you will quickly work through your questions, gain an action plan, and learn new skills to advance your own advocacy capabilities or years to come!

Tailored to meet your needs, Ask an Advocate can include:

2. Ask an Attorney: Have questions and wish you could quickly ask a special education attorney? Ask an Attorney allows for a remote and cost-effective way to engage a special education attorney to get the answers you need to advocate on behalf of your child’s best interest.

Geared towards your needs, Ask an Attorney can include:

  • Placement options:
  • IEP and 504 rights;
  • Best practices;
  • Settlement & mediation coaching;
  • Meeting and documentation preparation; and more.

3. Progress Monitoring of IEP Goals: Don’t leave your child’s education and growth to luck. Empower yourself with a reliable analysis of your child’s IEP progress. Our Progress Monitoring of IEP goals includes:

  • Breaking Autism special education professional charting your child’s IEP or 504 Plan goals;
  • Continuous tracking and monitoring of growth (or lack thereof);
  • Detailed analysis of your child’s progress; and
  • Educational and strategic recommendations.

4. IEP Assessment: Ever question whether your child’s IEP, 504 Plan, or other services and placement is appropriate given their unique needs? Our IEP Assessment gives you the key insights, analysis, and recommendations based on the specific needs of the child. Specifically, the IEP Assessment provides:

  • In-depth review of IEP, 504 Plan, or other educational plans;
  • Strategic analysis of IEP and insights with a special education professional;
  • Explanation of recommendations for IEP and education strategy, including present levels, goals, accommodations, related services and minutes, placement, and extended school year.



Our Advocacy option offers a blend of consulting and advocacy, customized based on individual needs and situations. Nothing feels better than knowing you have someone in your corner. At Breaking Autism, we act as strong advocates for members of your team. Depend on us to:

  • Identify & Prioritize Legal Rights
  • Mediate & Problem-Solve with School Districts
  • Avoid Litigation & Due Process
  • Help with Delivery Methodologies
  • Prepare and attend important special education meetings; and more.



Some situations call for an attorney. When they do, make sure you have an attorney experienced practicing special education law. Breaking Autism has leading special education attorneys, include former special education Hearing Officers and policy advisors, to ensure your rights are fully protected and resolution can be reached as quickly as possible. Legal Representation is incredibly strategic, and can include:

  • Records request and review;
  • Prepare and attend conferences;
  • Legal strategy and execution, including with private and public teams;
  • Negotiations, mediation, and settlement conferences;
  • Resolution sessions;
  • Manifestation Hearings;
  • Due Process Hearings;
  • State and agency complaints; and much more!


Education, Media, & Speaking Engagements

Knowledge is power. Our Education options offer a variety of topics and types of engagements for a wide variety of teams. Some include:

  • Parent Training: Empowered parents enrich lives and communities for generations to come. Breaking Autism does a wide variety of parent training on behalf of private and public organizations such as hospitals, therapeutic centers, advocacy/law firms, media, and school districts.
  • Professional Training: Special education laws and strategies are constantly evolving. Ensure a knowledgeable and effective team of professionals with Professional Training. Breaking Autism professionals have decades of educating doctors, therapists, specialists, police forces, public entities, teachers and school professionals, and many more across a myriad special education topics.
  • Interactive Workshops: Geared towards building skills around special education, including:
    • Progress Monitoring IEP Goals;
    • Writing Present Levels;
    • Drafting appropriate IEP Goals;
    • Filing complaints, and more!

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