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At Breaking Autism, our mission is to celebrate all children by empowering families and communities with the special education answers and advocacy they need. We value that our clients trust us to answer their questions, execute our best practices, and provide a broad range of resources, guidance, and solutions.

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Our holistic approach and team of vastly experienced professionals allow us to deliver meaningful results while helping you avoid common mistakes. Understanding that every situation requires a different strategy and approach, we offer help whether you need to consult with a professional for an hour or need representation by our legal team for months. We meet you where you are and educate you along the way.

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Learn Your Special Education Rights

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Don't limit your child. Empower yourself by speaking with veteran special education advocates and attorneys who will guide you through your rights, options, timelines, costs and more. Learn about special education law and how they relate to your specific situation.

Special Education Rights and Resources During COVID-19
Are your IEP Goals Effective?

Don't leave progress up to chance. Education is meaningless a child is not making adequate progress. Learn exactly how to see if a child is making progress on IEP goals in this very effective and critical workshop.
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Understand Parents Rights in Special Education

Parents have a legal right to a seat at the IEP table. Understanding parent rights in special education is the first step in empowering a child's education. Understand how to draft the most effective parental input statements and why it's critical to a child's success.

Breaking Autism & Alexian Brothers Present

Lots of actionable information - thank you! Extremely useful resources and examples. You are excellent, I wish I could clone you and your team. What a blessing you are to families like all of ours!

Tricia W., Parent
Hoffman Estates, IL

Special Education Rights and Resources During COVID-19

Special Education Rights 

Don't limit your child. Empower yourself by learning about the updates to special education law during distance learning and the Covid-19 pandemic. Understand that Remote Learning Plans (RLP) are not the same as IEPs, your rights regarding RLPs, and more.

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Compensating Missed Education: A Parent’s Guide

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Compensating Missed Education: A Parent’s Guide

  1. Understanding what is “compensatory education” and how Parents can address missed education or lack of progress

  2. Assessing regression in special education students

  3. Determining appropriate services (you'll be shocked, it's FAR beyond just academics!)

Special Education Fundamentals Workshop

Special Education Fundamentals Workshop

Understand special education rights and procedures in this self-paced Special Education Fundamentals workshop designed for parents! Learn key information you need to advocate for your child, including:

  • What to do if you suspect your child has special education needs;
  • How to write meaningful and measurable IEP goals;
  • How to track progress on IEP goals to determine if your child is making adequate progress; and
  • What resources are available to your family!

Workshop Materials
Workshop Materials

More Workshops
More Workshops

Eligibility: How do you know if your child really needs special education?

Eligibility is a process that is dictated by a law called Child Find. A lot of parents aren’t familiar with Child Find, but essentially it requires school districts to identify and provide services to all students with disabilities no matter where they go to school. So that includes children that are homeschooled, children that go to parochial schools, and children that go to other private institutions. 

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Since 2003, Breaking Autism has served individuals, families, organizations, experts, and entire communities. Contact us today for more information about our initiatives, including special education consulting, advocacy, legal representation, education, and speaking engagements.

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